Welcome to The Promotion Hub!

I am so excited that you have managed to find your way to my site. Why? Because it says that you have a passion for promoting the heart and soul of your business.

The great news is, so do I!

It has been said that the heart of every successful business lies in marketing.

I won’t bang on about this too much on my home page – you can read more in my first blog post about why marketing is so important in growing your business.

However, in our every increasingly busy lifestyles how many of us actually have the time to run a business AND spend the ideal amount of time on promoting it? In my experience, not many!

What if I told you I’m offering a way to have all of your marketing and promotion taken care of for you, freeing you up to turn your full attention to the one million other daily tasks that come with owning your own business?

What if I then told you it wouldn’t cost you the world to do this? In fact, for less than the cost of a small ad in a weekly newspaper this could quickly and simply become your reality!

The Promotion Hub is dedicated to working with you to find your unique point of difference that allows your business to really stand out from the competition.

I am passionate about developing personal relationships with my clients to find out what makes them and their businesses tick so that we can find ways to promote their products and services to their full potential.

I would love the opportunity to help you out so why not relax for five, grab a cuppa and have a look around the site.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email to discuss how we can begin telling the world about you and your business.

Thanks for stopping by =)