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How it all began…

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TPH offers a marketing management service to all businesses of any shape or size, our specialty is in promoting small rural businesses.

This stems from my own background which has a strong agricultural and equine industry related foundation which allowed me to identify a gap that was just crying out to be filled.

The gap I speak of is for someone with a solid intrinsic understanding of the agricultural/equine industries and of rural communities to help small rural businesses communicate effectively and market their products and services successfully to the rural sector.

About Me

I had probably one of the best early childhoods a kid could wish for, growing up on a Thoroughbred Stud that my father developed and managed in one of the prettiest locations in Australia – Rylstone, NSW.

Towering craggy hills and sandstone escarpments of Rylstone, NSW.

Running quite wild under a backdrop of towering craggy hills and sandstone escarpments,  I was quite literally my dad’s shadow and had a great introduction to the rural life and all the highs and lows, trimmings and challenges farming offers.

The job at the stud ended and my family then moved west when I was still in primary school to a small country town called Condobolin located in the dead center of NSW where my parents acquired and operated two retail businesses and did a fabulous job of it!

I was shipped off (willingly I will add) to attend high school at an agricultural boarding school where my love of the land continued to blossom.

Upon finishing high school, I moved straight to Wagga Wagga, NSW to complete a Bachelor of Agricultural Science specialising in agronomy and livestock production.


Soon after graduating uni, sickness in my family brought me back home to Condobolin where my ‘career path’ took an unexpected turn.

After a few months of working multiple jobs taking shifts at service stations and local pubs, I found myself behind the desk of a local newspaper with the very important sounding title of ‘Community Promotions Officer’.

Taking it at the time as just a ‘fill in job for the interim’ I had no idea just how important that position was nor how it would continue to shape my future for many years to come.

It was during my time at the Condobolin Argus that an unexpected love for writing as well as helping small town locally owned businesses and events as well as the people behind them was born.

I was working with the towns business owners as well as a number of event committees to promote in an essence, what our little town and community had to offer. And I loved every minute of it!

A  niggling guilt over a certain unused university degree eventually prompted me to take a job as a Sales Agronomist in Mudgee, NSW. A job which was an amazing learning curve and served to entrench me in the rural way of life only further.

As often happens in life at one point or another you are faced with the question of “what’s next?” which actually really more kind of smacked me in the face in late 2018.

I really feel that all of these previous events mentioned really led me to this one moment where I was sitting in the living room that belongs to a long time wonderful friend and mentor. Sipping coffee and exchanging niceties I happened to blurt out “I have this crazy idea…”

And so The Promotion Hub was born.

I have long been conscious of so many business owners in small rural communities with such masses of potential, who only struggle to find a way forward in turning their visions and ambitions into reality.

Too often all of their time and energy is tied up in the day to day running of an enterprise coupled with managing a home, family/personal life and a multitude of other commitments.

It’s exhausting. But so prevalent.

Many are barely scraping by purely because they cannot find the time and therefore the drive or motivation to implement the strategies that would take their business to the next level.

So ironically here I am, a business owner in a small rural community!

My goal is simple; I want to find people who love what they do but struggle to break through into that next level of productivity in their business due to a lack of effective marketing, and I want to help them!

If this sounds like you, I’d love to chat with you! Drop me line on the ‘Contact Us’ page, shoot me an email, hit up the TPH Facebook page or Instagram account or call me directly.

The heart of any successful business lies in marketing!

Yours Sincerely,

Olivia McInnes